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Real Estate Feature Sheets

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An Amazing Real Estate Marketing Tool

360 Media’s real estate feature sheet will help you sell quickly and easily. We use beautiful templates to create 2-page and 4-page sheets. We work with high-end print shops, producing the most impressive real estate flyers home buyers get to see. Let your potential buyers see these, and then you’ll see how it works wonders for your real estate business.

Our goal is simple; to help you stand out from the crowd. A real estate feature sheet is one of the many effective tools that help us achieve this goal. Working for realtors has taught us, as you already know, that homes are a lot more than visual experiences. Home buyers respond better to tangible elements. A real estate flyer is something they can touch and take home with them. And a well-crafted flyer goes a long way in tilting them to your listings. A real estate feature sheet has the potential to be the perfect reminder for buyers that they visited you. We make the most of this potential.

While we make sure that your real estate feature sheet’s printing quality is top-notch, we also print important information on the flyer to complement the high resolution pictures. This includes your contact information, property information and property description. We work closely with you to understand what you want to convey through each feature sheet. Our experts also advise you based on experience. In any case, the feature sheets you end up with look and read the best, roping in more house hunters than you had expected.

Each property you have listed deserves a feature sheet, the best kind of sheet. 360 Media is the perfect place to find it. At 360-Media you always get high-quality, customized real estate feature sheets that benefit in you in many ways. By bringing you the best, we help create and enhance a professional image for your real estate business.

We offer swift delivery for this powerful marketing collateral, at reasonable rates. Remember that real estate marketing this good doesn’t cost, it pays.

We design a custom property feature sheet - up to 4 single pages (2 double-sided)

  • Just email us your high resolution head-shot & copy for description
  • Completed Feature Sheet is emailed to you for approval
  • Text/layout changes made at your request
  • Our designs take into consideration light, colors, angles, textures, etc.
  • Final Feature Sheet can be email to you, your office, ready for printing.

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